LA-RI creates its products in Italy, we can provide a design service, from single furniture to a complete furnishing, until the "Turnkey" service, that allows the customer to don't worry about nothing.



Few adjectives summarize the identity of LA-RI products: authentic, precious, unique.

This is what you can  discover in all our products: from the single piece of furniture to the most complete furnishing, totally Made in Italy.
We are guided by love and respect for studies related to architecture and also for the classical tradition, which it requires us to work at a level of quality, even when we propose modern and innovative interpretations. The LA-RI style is born from all af this, that way of conceiving luxury in furnishing.

Our mission is to bring the art of living luxury into every environment, those looking for luxury will always find in LA-RI a deep understanding of their aspirations.


"Creating luxury" every day we work with this identity in our offices and production facilities and always with the same spirit we choose with care and attention the materials, with which we finish every single component of our furnishings, furniture or objects.

All this, however, is enhanced by the  craft and skill  which "our men" - often true artists - know how to complete each piece. Only in this way  we can achieve the maximum shape, quality and prestige and only in this way  a  furniture carry the LA-RI signature.


"Life and Taste" is the new concept of  2018 , we want to bring the art of living luxury even in the objects that makes our life comfortable and that know how to spoil us .



LA-RI designs, coordinates and realizes the entire project of the Interior request: offices, commercial environments, small hotels, restaurants.

We create from the single piece to the set of elements, all in "custom" prerogative.

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