LAURA BERNARDI was born in Bassano del Grappa on 1983 and  she matured his studies in Architecture at the IUAV of Venice in 2009. After her studies  she started immediately to follow the design of luxury interiors in the family business and for 9 years following several projects of villas and buildings majestic, especially in Russia and Arab countries.                                                         

Its was furnished with furniture with lines enveloping and sumptuous, and richly decorated furnishing accessories, its was all borned from the creative and imaginative inspiration of Laura Bernardi.

In 2018 she created LA-RI  with Maurizio Confortin.

MAURIZIO CONFORTIN was born in Castelfranco Veneto on 1984, he followed an excellent scholastic preparation, first studying at the art school and then he taked a direct approach to architecture in Venice, the most famous city-museum in the world; Venice helped to nourish and consolidate in Maurizio Confortin a profound knowledge of the history of architecture, and a scrupulous, professional and creative design sensitivity, for which he completes his studies in 2010. And finally from 2011 to 2012 he matured a further sensitivity following a Master of Naval and Yacht designers , after that he completed following as a concept designer for 5 months in La Spezia in one of the most important shipyards in Italy.

In the last 4 years he has been working on international interior projects / contracts, moving from Muscat to Moscow, conceiving the interior as an extremely refined atmosphere.  

 In 2018 he creates LA-RI together with Laura Bernardi.


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LA-RI snc di Bernardi L. & Confortin M.  IVA/ VAT  04135330241, sede legale / legal site: Rossano Veneto, Via/ Street Salute 34/1   (VI)  36028,  TEL +39 0424  521420

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